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Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged to either the left or right side of the frame. Opening outwards from either side with a hand crank, these easy to clean windows allow maximum airflow and an unobstructed view


Awning windows

Unlike casement, awning windows are hinged at the top of the window frame allowing excellent ventilation and an unobstructed view while keeping rainwater and debris away

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn Windows

This window swings inward when opened in the turn position. Hinges at the bottom allow it to open inward at the top, delivering draft-free ventilation and rain protection

Single Slider

Single Slider Windows

This window moves horizontally with one sash stationary and the other moving and tilting into the room for easy cleaning. Get maximum durability combined with unmatched protection and insulation

Double Slider

Double Slider Windows

Particularly convenient for smaller spaces, these windows have two sashes that move sideways. Both can tilt into the room for easy cleaning

Single Hung

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have one sash that slides vertically from the bottom and one stationary sash at the top. The moving sash tilts inward which makes these windows easy to clean and maintain

Double Hung

Double Hung Windows

These windows have both sashes moving and tilting into the room for easy cleaning. They are perfect for ventilation while saving space

End Vent

End Vent Windows

A large fixed window in the center and sliding windows on each side, this type of window provides both a great view and increased ventilation

We are Revolutionizing window design and technology.

Introducing DraftLOCK™ by Canadian Choice™, a new generation of windows with glass and frame innovations that improve durability and energy efficiency. The design was awarded the highest rating at the 2020 Energy Star testing program.

Features & Benefits

  • Low emissivity (or low-e glass) microscopic coating
  • XL Edge® Spacer & EndurTM IG technology
  • Pure vinyl materials with titanium dioxide additives
  • Reinforced vinyl frame with fibreglass material
  • No rubber flex around the glass
  • Double step technology
  • Multipoint special security locks
  • Truth Hardware
  • Black/white rubber exposed seal
  • Wet glassing technology with infrared applied seal
  • Special built-in sash operator

Why Us?

We help people optimize living spaces because we believe there is simply no place like home. We take special care to make the installation process non- disruptive and complete projects flawlessly. It is our mission to increase your comfort level, add value to your home, help you save on energy bills, and deliver the highest level of craftsmanship.

Certified quality: we have a committed and skilled workforce

We provide quick, airtight installation without structural changes

We respect your home and keep it tidy

Hassle-Free Process: a dedicated project manager will take your project from A to Z

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Called out 4 window companies to come to my home. One did not show up and the other 2 had really high prices. Canadian Choice™ had the best prices over the others and were really straight forward. Installation was great and right on time. Thank you Alex and Simon!
The team at Canadian Choice Windows™ took the time look for and explain the differences between higher and lower quality windows. They helped us select windows and a door that met our needs and were reasonable in price. The installation was fast and clean. I would recommend them to friends and family!

It is simply impossible to imagine renovated home without new windows. The most convenient option is to buy high quality vinyl windows and order free installation and clean up services under one roof, in a company located in your hometown. You can purchase such products as balcony doors and vinyl windows in Hamilton company. Windows in the house are not only a source of light and fresh air. They are an indispensable element of house design, as well as a reliable protection against the adverse effects of the environment. Dust, noise and cold will no longer disturb you, if you turn to windows replacement company in Hamilton that specializes on windows and balconies manufacturing and provides all related services. Rooms equipped with such high-quality and energy efficient products will make you feel comfortable in your home. Contact our company if you want to install vinyl windows in Hamilton.

Vinyl windows play a very significant role in the overall look of the house. That is why it is so important to choose new windows taking into account your home's design. Luckily, nowadays, the market offers a vast selection of vinyl window designs, so you are sure to find something that will suite your personal taste and needs.

Vinyl windows are becoming more and more popular among Canadian homeowners and it is quite understandable. Below we have listed the main reasons why many people decide to go for replacement windows and choose vinyl windows:

  • To change the overall look of the house, make it modern and neat.
  • To increase a visual space.
  • For ease and comfort.
  • To save heat and electricity.
  • For safety.
  • To reduce the noise level.
  • To avoid drafts.

All of these reasons are the advantages of vinyl windows in comparison to traditional wooden ones.

Vinyl windows have the following important features:

  • Noise insulation.
  • Minimum heat loss.
  • Draft protection.
  • Durability.
  • Diverse design options.

A window design provides a large range of sizes and shapes. Our window replacement company in Hamilton offers the following styles of vinyl windows: awning windows, casement windows, sliding tilt windows, bay & bow windows, contour series windows, single hung tilt windows, double hung tilt windows, end vent windows, architectural windows and more.

Vinyl windows are made with the help of high-precision equipment, which means that architects have a complete freedom in the harmonization of windows with facades and with the selection of proportions.

It is also possible to choose any color for your new vinyl windows. The windows should ideally be combined with the facade. The windows should also reflect the interior and exterior. Incidentally, vinyl windows can have one color from the outside and have a completely different color from the inside, which, again, makes windows replacement in Hamilton so popular.

To sum up, it should be said that the design of vinyl windows includes everything that is connected with them, their elements and operation. Design is not only about good looks and style but it is also about practicality and our company will be happy to replace your old windows with new vinyl ones in the shortest period of time possible. So do not hesitate to contact us!

We serve the following areas: Toronto, Burlington, Kingston, Richmond Hill, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg.

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