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  • Life-Time Warranty

    As a manufacturer, we provide transferrable warranties with the most extensive coverage options for our products

  • Excellent Reputation

    More than 80,000 satisfied clients, 1,000,000 windows and doors installed, 2,000+ positive reviews on HomeStars

  • Excellent Terms

    Do not pay for a year. Get 0% financing with payments as low as $69 per month

  • Window Diversity

    Chose from 40 styles and upgrade to any color

  • High Energy Efficiency

    Discover our revolutionary DraftLock ™ technology and save up to 23% on your annual energy bills

Called out 4 window companies to come to my home. One did not show up and the other 2 had really high prices. Canadian Choice had the best prices over the others and were really straight forward. Installation was great and right on time. Thank you Alex and Simon!
The team at Canadian Choice Windows took the time look for and explain the differences between higher and lower quality windows. They helped us select windows and a door that met our needs and were reasonable in price. The installation was fast and clean. I would recommend them to friends and family!

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors in Hamilton

Finding a company you can work with is not always an easy task. That’s why Canadian Choice Windows & Doors is here to assist you from start to finish to turn what may be an endless endeavour into something you can get off your shoulders in a matter of weeks. Too many out there might claim that they are ‘for the people’, but how often does that actually apply?

At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, we back up our words with actions. Rated as the Best of 2021 in Home Stars and with over 2000 positive reviews and 80,000 satisfied customers from across Canada, we have our claim to fame only after working for it.

When choosing a company to replace your windows and doors, you want to put your trust in an organization that understands you and your situation. At Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, we have a user-focused experience that is tailored to meet your unique needs no matter what they are.

Transparent and Dynamic Project Process

Our far reaching designs with customizable windows with over 40 available styles are matched with our commitment to customer satisfaction. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors offers a lifetime transferable warranty on all its products and gives you peace of mind before, during and after installation so that in case something goes wrong, we’ll be ready to take full responsibility.

This service can be accessed anytime by contacting your Canadian Choice Windows & Doors sales representative or calling us at 1-866-807-8064 and we’ll make sure that no matter the background, every family can afford a window and/or door replacement. This is made possible through our exclusive financing program offering 0% financing options and monthly payments of as low as $69!

The Power of Technology: DraftLock

The secret in the Canadian Choice Windows & Doors package is our uniquely trademarked DraftLock technology. What this does is not only improve the design and aesthetic of your home but also allows for a wide range of additional benefits such as leading energy-efficiency, eco-friendly material, resistance against cracks or peeling and maximum security against potential break ins. It does this through a variety of means:

  1. An Advanced ASTM approved acrylic system to ensure your home stays draft-free.
  2. A PIB high modulus silicone glass unit with warm edge spacers, patented infrared white polyester interfaces and a dual sealed unit for maximum energy efficiency with you being able to save up to 23% on your energy bill!
  3. Maxim Heavy Duty hardware with recyclable UuPVC material as well as a choice between double or triple glazed sealed glass units to bring you a resistant and simultaneously eco-friendly product that adapts to any environment.
  4. Anti-forced entry security/safety features which grant Canadian Choice Windows & Doors windows the highest possible residential security rating.

If you’re interested in home improvement, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-866-807-8064 to book a free consultation with experts in the field on how to make the most out of your home today!

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